10x Pet Rescue Emergency Stickers, In Case of Fire Alerts, Window Decal, 5x4"

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10x Pet Rescue Emergency Stickers, In Case of Fire Alerts, Window Decal, 5x4"
  • Juvale Pet Rescue Stickers - 10-Pack Pet Emergency Stickers, in Case of Fire Alerts, Pet Inside Finder Window Decal, 5 x 4 Inches
  • KEEP YOUR PETS SAFE: These pet alert fire rescue stickers act as the perfect window sign. Keep pets safe during an emergency by identifying the animals that are inside. Offering safety and protection, these stickers will provide assurance for family dogs, cats, birds, etc.
  • SELF-ADHESIVE: Pet rescue stickers are made from PVC vinyl. When a resident moves or no longer has the pets, the pet alert sign can be easily removed. The stickers are not laminated so it is not UV resistant or waterproof.
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Bright red, this pet alert sticker will be noticed during an emergency. With the ability to check off which pets are inside, firefighters or police officers can identify which pets need to be rescued. Also, space is available to include additional info such as emergency contact and special needs.
  • GREATER PEACE-OF-MIND: Take proactive action to protect your pets during an unexpected fire. This is perfect if homeowners are not on the premise or unable to communicate with emergency response units.
  • DIMENSIONS: The stickers are 5 x 4 inches.
  • The pet rescue sign keeps your pets safe in emergency and accidents such as fire. It points out what pets you have and how many of them. You can simply stick it on the back door, front door, inside the house on the window facing outside. The red and white design is very vibrant and visible, so firemen will be able to see. The stickers have fill-in design for you to fill in the number of pets and special needs especially in the case that the pet is blind or deaf. They are self-adhesive so simply peel the backings off and stick them on a clean surface.