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108PCS Kids Party Favors Underwater Animal Educational Toys Sea Creature Figures

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108PCS Kids Party Favors Underwater Animal Educational Toys Sea Creature Figures
  • Underwater Animal Pinata Filler Toys 108 Piece Educational Sea Creature Figures for Kids, Aquatic-Themed Party Favors, Assorted Mini Vinyl Plastic Animal Toys Includes Sharks, Octopus, Whales
  • AQUATIC FIGURINES: This set of 108 sea creature figurine toys features octopodes, lobsters, sea lions, dolphins, whales, seals, stingrays, sharks, starfish, crabs, coral reef and other deep sea fish, with 6 of each available in the set. Ideal for children aged 3 and up.
  • PLASTIC TOYS: These toys are ideal for teaching and educating your children about the wonders of aquatic sea life during bath time or regular play time with their friends.
  • FUN TREAT BAG SURPRISE: Put these toys in a party treat bag after the party is over to make sure partygoers have a cute reminder of your son, daughter, niece or nephew's ocean-themed birthday bash.
  • DECORATE YOUR KID'S ROOM: Give your son or daughter the aquatic-themed bedroom they've always wanted and place these toys in their room as toys for them to play with or for simple decoration.
  • DIMENSIONS: Smallest to Largest Piece: 2 x 1.5 to 2.2 x 1.8 x 0.3 inches
  • Unlock the mysteries of the deep for your son, daughter, niece, or nephew with this fantastic aquatic animal toy play set for children aged 3 and up. Ideal for use as a decorative toy collection for your child's bedroom or as a fun playtime set to teach your children and their friends about the abundance of sea life under the ocean's surface.