12-Pack Red & Blue Soccer Pinnies Training Vest for Children Youth Kids Adults


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12-Pack Red & Blue Soccer Pinnies Training Vest for Children Youth Kids Adults
  • Scrimmage Vests - 12-Pack Soccer Pinnies, Team Jersey, Training Vest, Soccer Scrimmage Vests for Children Kids Adults, for Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Red and Blue, Above 12 Years Old
  • READY TO COMPETE: Easily set up a team competition with these red and blue soccer pinnies. You can clearly identify teammates and opponents on the field.
  • COMPLETE JERSEY SET: This sport-ready set includes 6 red and 6 blue scrimmage vests designed for kids above 12 years old and adults. It's blank without numbers - so you can personalize the vest anyway you want.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Made of polyester, each soccer pinny is machine washable, lightweight and with open sides for ventilation. It's comfortable to wear, keeping you cool during the fierce competition.
  • KEEP IT ORGANIZED: Keep teams organized for basketball, soccer, football, and more. It's perfect for sport team of hockey, soccer, football, volleyball and basketball.
  • DIMENSIONS: The training vest measures 16.7 x 25 inches, sized for kids above 12 years old and adults under 180 lbs.
  • Quickly and easily organize teams of young children for their favorite sports with this set of soccer pinnies. With 6 red and 6 blue scrimmage-style vests, this is a must-have kit for all kinds of team competitions, including soccer, basketball, football, and more. The size is perfect for kids aged above 12 years old, while the lightweight, silk-like style makes them comfortable to wear. Each vest features open sides to provide better ventilation during play, and the soccer pinnies are machine-washable for convenient care. Keep the youngest competitive teams organized with the jerseys designed for both fashion and science on the field or court.