Juvale 100-Pack Long Wood Paint Sticks Mixing Stick for DIY Art Garden Planting

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Juvale 100-Pack Long Wood Paint Sticks Mixing Stick for DIY Art Garden Planting
  • Paint Sticks - 100-Pack Craft Sticks, Painting Mixing Sticks, Wood Sticks, Craft Stirs, for Wood Craft, DIY Art Projects, Gardening, Planting, Library Marking, Wedding Fans, 12 x 1 x 0.1 Inches
  • PERFECT PROJECT STICKS: From painting to craft projects, these wood sticks are the perfect tool to complete your projects. The strong paint sticks are designed for stirring paint, stain, resin, and much more.
  • UNFINISHED WOOD PERFECT FOR PERSONALIZING: These are ready and perfect for personalization to fit the color scheme and style of any DIY project. They are ideal for embellishment, sign making, gardening, party decoration, library marking and more. Cut the wood sticks to the size you need!
  • CONSISTENT CRAFTING: With their uniform quality and coloring, these wood sticks work wonderfully for all types of craft projects. From paint and stain to pyrography and decoupage, decorate these wood sticks anyway you like.
  • EASY TO USE: Each stick features a handle for easy gripping, without worry of burrs or fuzz. This 100-pack offers and fair pricing, making them perfect for a wide variety of do-it-yourself projects.
  • DIMENSIONS: 12 x 1 x 0.1 inches.
  • These wood craft sticks are an essential tool for painting projects, craft projects, and so much more. The long paddle design features strong construction and a comfortable handle that is ideal for stirring paint, stain, epoxy, resin, latex, auto body fillers, liquid urethane plastic, silicone mold rubber, and many other substances. With their consistent quality and natural wood color, this set of 100 sticks are also ideal for use for garden markers, target shooting, and even wedding decorations. Along with being functional, these wood sticks are biodegradable and compostable, making them great for the environment.