6 Pcs Painters Drop Cloths Set, Disposable Sheet Covers for Painting, 9 x 12 Ft


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6 Pcs Painters Drop Cloths Set, Disposable Sheet Covers for Painting, 9 x 12 Ft
  • Painters Drop Cloths - 6-Piece Set of Plastic Drop Cloths, Disposable Sheet Covers for Painting, Interior Decorating, Furniture Protection, Craft Projects - 9 x 12 Feet
  • DROP CLOTHS: Forget about paint spills and stubborn stains on your hardwood or tiled floor with this pack of 6 drop cloths. For use when painting, decorating, or when doing art or craft projects.
  • PLASTIC MATERIAL: Each drop cloth has been made of polyethylene plastic, are 1 mil thick, and provide a waterproof cover between any potential spilled paint and your furniture or floors.
  • EFFECTIVE PROTECTION: Protect your individual pieces of furniture, like your couch or sofa, by throwing a drop cloth over it during the painting process. Or, simply use them as a long-term storage solution by throwing them over your furniture to prevent dust or insect access.
  • DISPOSABLE FOR CONVENIENCE: All done with each cloth but don't want to keep them lying around? Simply throw any of the cloths in the trash after use for a hassle-free solution to painting and decorating.
  • DIMENSIONS: 9 x 12 Feet
  • Drop cloths are designed to be used during painting or interior decorating, for protecting your furniture and hardwood or tiled floors. They are necessary to avoid any potential paint stains from ruining your interior decor. Each one is made of plastic and easily disposable for when you are finished with them.