Paper Shapes of Boy and Girl, Pack of 48 Blank Paper Kid Shaped People Cutouts


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Paper Shapes of Boy and Girl, Pack of 48 Blank Paper Kid Shaped People Cutouts
  • Paper Shapes - 48-Pack Blank Paper Cutouts, Kid Shaped Papers, Kids Shaped Cutouts, Perfect for Art Class Projects, Party Banner DIY, Art and Craft, Boy and Girl Design, White, 5.88 x 8.8 Inches
  • PAPER SHAPES: The pack includes 48 packs of boy and girl shaped blank paper cutout. Please note that this product is packed by weight so there might be a slight difference in pack size.
  • READY FOR CREATIVITY: From paint and stain to color and fabric, decorate your blank paper shapes any way you choose. The paper shapes are made of 250 GSM paper.
  • ENCOURAGE IMAGINATION: Decorate blank family shaped paper cutouts is a great activity for preschools and kindergartens, as well as adults, to show creativity. These paper dolls are ready for dress up. Show your design talent by drawing a cool outfit for these paper dolls!
  • PARTY DECOR: String the shapes on a rope and hang across the room to make a special party banner for baby showers or kid's birthday parties.
  • DIMENSIONS: The boy shaped cutouts measure 5.88 x 9 inches and the girl shaped measure 5.88 x 8.7 inches.
  • The blank paper cutout is the perfect canvas to explore your creativity and create a completely unique design. Whether you paint, stain, color with markers, or dress up your paper dolls with felt or fabric, you have free reign to use your imagination and release your inner artist. This fun DIY craft project is great for adults and kids, for school and home use - and can help children develop their cognitive skills. Design a one-of-a-kind party banner by using your imagination on the blank paper cutouts. It will be a highlight of your decoration and add more fun to your party! The paper shapes measures about 5.88 x 8.88 inches.