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8 Pcs Jacob's Ladder Toy, Wooden Visual Illusion Blocks with 2 Designs for Kids

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8 Pcs Jacob's Ladder Toy, Wooden Visual Illusion Blocks with 2 Designs for Kids
  • Jacob's Ladder Toy – 8-Pack Wooden Visual Illusion Blocks, Science Physics Educational Kids Toy, 2 Designs, Chicken Frog, 4.3 x 0.19 x 5.3 Inches
  • JACOB'S LADDER: This visual illusion toy dates back to antiquity. It has captivated adults and children alike for ages and is a must-have toy for fans of visual illusions or physics toys. When the top ladder is turned one direction, blocks appear to cascade down the strings, revealing a picture. At the turn of the other direction, blocks again appear to cascade and a completely different picture is revealed!
  • TWO PATTERNS: This pack of 8 Jacob's Ladders includes 2 different patterns, 4 of each, one of eggs turning into a hen and the other of tadpoles becoming a frog.
  • PAINTABLE: Much like a coloring book, kids can fill in the outlined pictures with paint to make the toy their own!
  • VALUE PACK: Includes 8 wooden Jacob's Ladder toys at a value price! Buy some for your students, or to give to your children or friends.
  • DIMENSIONS: Each Jacob's Ladder measures 4.3 x 0.19 x 5.3 inches.
  • The origins of this ancient toy are unknown. Some say it originated in ancient China and others say the toy was found in King Tut's tomb. But what is known is that the first documented description of the toy is from 1889. This value pack of 8 Jacob's ladders includes two different patterns that can be "colored in" with paint. To use, simply grasp the longest block by the sides and turn your wrist left or right. Watch as the picture magically changes.