12-Pack 2oz Amber Boston Round Glass Spray Bottles Essential Oils Mist Sprayer

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12-Pack 2oz Amber Boston Round Glass Spray Bottles Essential Oils Mist Sprayer
  • Amber Glass Spray Bottles - 12-Pack Boston Round Fine Mist Bottle with Atomizer Pump - Refillable Misting Sprayer Glass Bottle for Light Liquid, Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, Perfumes, Travel - 2 oz
  • VALUE PACK: Pack of 12 refillable, reusable and durable fine mist spray bottles come with a variety of uses for personal body care and cleansing. Useful for moisturizing the face and neck as well as the hair. Nourishes the skin and keeps it healthy and soft.
  • VERSATILE FOR HOUSEHOLD: Make sure your house always smell good! Spray perfumes and scented oils. Add fragrance to any house or office. Useful for cleaning windows, screens or table and surface countertops.
  • SAFE AND PROTECTIVE: The material of our amber bottle is entirely chemical free and eco-friendly, making sure that no unwanted hazards seep into the container. Removing the potential pollution from potential content in the bottles. Our amber bottles are also UV resistant and will last a lifetime, which protects essential oils, skin care products, liquid pharmaceuticals and other sensitive substances from harmful UV light damage.
  • KEEP IT HANDY: Convenient, portable and easy to carry. Put it in your handbag, shoulder bag, backpack or tote without occupying much space.
  • DIMENSION: Can hold up to 60ml - Height: 4.5 inches. Diameter: 1.37 inches.
  • Pack of 12 refillable spray mister bottles are durable and great to take on travels. Dispenses a fine mist spray ideal for home uses from beauty products to cooking to housing cleaning products. Washable and durable. Easy to carry. Can hold up to 60ml or 2 oz.