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Blue Panda Potty Cute Colorful Unicorn Potty Training Reward Chart With Sticker

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Blue Panda Potty Cute Colorful Unicorn Potty Training Reward Chart With Sticker
  • Blue Panda Potty Training Reward Chart - Pack of 50 Sheets and 800 Stickers, Cute Colorful Unicorn Themed Toilet Training Kit for Girls, Motivational and Positive Reinforcement, 10.3 x 8.3 Inches
  • ENCOURAGING: Get your little ones to engage in potty training by making them proud. Reward their successful acts with stickers, and give them a prize for the achievement of completing the sheet.
  • CUTE DESIGN: The kit is designed with unicorn theme on purple background. The blanks on the sheets is composed with clouds. and the star shaped stickers come in eight different colors. Each sticker has a unique drawing.
  • REWARDING: There is not better way better than teaching your children by positive reinforcement. Reward them with a prize when then win enough success stickers in one sheet.
  • LOTS TO USE: The set includes 50 sheets with 25 blank space, and 800 stickers. You will not have to worry about running out of it while encouraging your toddlers.
  • DIMENSIONS: Each sheet measures 10.3 x 8.3 inches. Stickers measure 0.82 inches.
  • Are you frustrated about training your children to use the toilet? Try this complete and great value potty training kit. The kit comes with 50 sheets and 800 stickers. Each sheet has 25 blank space for stickers. Motivate your toddlers by giving out 1 sticker every time when using the toilet successfully. And reward them with a prize when completing a sheet. The motivational and encouraging approach can turn the pressuring and irritating mission into a fun and engaging game.