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Adhesive Vinyl Roll Waterproof Scrapbooking DIY Craft Art Matte White, 12"x14ft


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Adhesive Vinyl Roll Waterproof Scrapbooking DIY Craft Art Matte White, 12"x14ft
  • Vinyl Roll - Adhesive Vinyl Roll, Craft Vinyl, Permanent Vinyl, Waterproof Vinyl for Craft Cutters, Die Cutters, Scrapbooking, Signs DIY, Art Craft Project, Matte White, 12 Inches x 14.8 Feet
  • CRAFT IT UP: Make your own crafts with this roll of black vinyl that is easy to use. There is no grid on the back so just use your own ruler to measure and cut the size you want!
  • MAKE LETTERS: Cut the roll into letters or other designs to stick on anything. With this vinyl roll, you can design your own signs, decals, coffee cups, home décor and more whenever you want!
  • WATERPROOF: Made of high quality of TPU, the durable vinyl is waterproof and perfect for outdoor projects.
  • LONG LASTING: Vinyl will stick onto things for a long time so put it on all your crafts and decor! It is compatible with craft cutters and die cutters - so just design and cut out a pattern you like with the vinyl roll and your personal cutter!
  • DIMENSIONS: The vinyl is about 12 inches wide and 14.8 feet long. The diameter of the roll is 2.28 inches.
  • Use this 14.8 feet long roll of white vinyl for your next craft project. It's all matte white and it is a peel and stick product to add pizzazz to anything you would like. The vinyl is waterproof and durable, so just stick it on and let it make your project awesome. Use it on indoor and outdoor projects like laptop coverings, mugs, and home decor. Cut it into shapes or letters, though there is no grid on the back. The roll is 12 inches wide and has 2.28 inches diameter.