24-Pack Recycle Stickers Trash Can Signs Logo Label for Organizing Garbage Waste

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24-Pack Recycle Stickers Trash Can Signs Logo Label for Organizing Garbage Waste
  • Juvale Recycle Stickers Trash Signs - 24-Pack Recycle Logo and Trash Can Sticker Labels for Organizing Garbage Waste, Self-Adhesive Decal for Home, Kitchen, Office Bins, 4 Inches Diameter
  • STAY ORGANIZED WITH ¡§RECYCLE¡¨ AND ¡§TRASH¡¨ STICKERs: Tired of picking trash out of the recycling bin and vice versa? These attractive, logo stickers will help everyone in the household stay organized. Attractive and high in quality, these circular designs also look great on notepads. Trash stickers are printed in black and white. Recycle stickers are printed in green.
  • MATERIAL: Made from PVC vinyl with an adhesive back (easily removable glue 0.10mm) on release paper.
  • NO STICKY RESIDUE: Peel off with ease, leaving no sticky residue behind. Ideal for a flat, cleaned surface, including gym lockers, bars, studios, offices, dumpster areas, etc.
  • GREAT QUALITY: When it comes to a trash bin sticker or recycle sticker, these beautifully designed symbols are of the . No need to worry about accidental spills, as they are also durable.
  • DIMENSIONS: Both the trash can label and recycle symbol are 4 inches diameter.
  • These 24-pack stickers set includes 12 trash signs and 12 recycle signs. The recycle sign helps to collect the recyclable waste into a fixed designated garbage bin. This increases the efficiency of collecting waste and raises the awareness of recycled resource utilization. The trash signs notify people to put the garbage in the trash can and keep environment neat and organized. These stickers are not laminated so they are not UV resistant or waterproof.