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7-pack Baby Kid Proofing Door Stopper Pinch Guard Foam for Finger Protection

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7-pack Baby Kid Proofing Door Stopper Pinch Guard Foam for Finger Protection
  • Pinch Guard - 7-Pack Baby Proofing Door Stopper - Kids Animal Foam Door Stop - Childproof Decorative Cushion for Finger Protection in Horseshoe Curve Shape
  • FINGER PINCH GUARD: Includes 7 pieces of animal foam childproof door stoppers in adorable cartoon animal designs, cow, ladybug, seal, giraffe, monkey, tiger, and butterfly. The unique C-shape design makes it easy to attach on any door
  • HIGH QUALITY: Each stopper is made from EVA foam. Fits doors with vary thickness. Easy to use, just pop on, pop off!
  • MAY HELP PREVENT ACCIDENTS: May help prevent your little ones from getting their fingers pinched, jammed, injured, or accidently locked out from closing and slammed door. They are also great for pets, cats, and dogs owners to have for keeping doors open and allowing your animals to walk around the house freely.
  • EASY APPLICATION: Simply slide the stoppers onto the door you want at any height, preferably somewhere higher where your kids wouldn't be able to reach. It's easy to take them off and put them on. When not in use simply hang around the door knob or door handle. They are flexible and durable.
  • DIMENSIONS: Smallest door stopper measures 4 x 3.7 x 0.5 inches and the largest one measures 4.2 x 4 x 0.5 inches. The door stoppers fit for doors in thickness from 1.38 to 1.73 inches (3.5cm to 4.4 cm).
  • Small children and toddlers love to explore and are curious about everything. Finger Pinch Guards may avoid painful finger pinch, accidental lockouts, and damages on door frame from slamming shut door. The foam material is flexible and the c shape design will fit snug around the door while leaving 1.5 inches gap. The cute and adorable animal designs are great baby room decor and home accessory for your house.