Classroom Poster - 5-Pack Classroom Essentials Charts with Welcome

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Classroom Poster - 5-Pack Classroom Essentials Charts with Welcome
  • Classroom Poster - 5-Pack Classroom Essentials Charts with Welcome, Classroom Schedule, Rules, Birthdays, and Blank One for Teachers, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, 157GSM, 17 x 22 Inches
  • CLASSROOM DECORATIONS: Set includes 5 classroom charts to help teachers with classroom management. This includes 5 different posters: Welcome, Class Schedule, Class Rules, Class Birthdays, and Blank.
  • RULES: Set up the rule at the beginning of school year so your students will know what to expect. It helps to develop kids' good habits and keeps the classes in order.
  • CREATIVE: The Welcome poster allows teachers and students to write greetings at the beginning of a semester. Class Schedule chart keeps the daily and weekly schedule organized. Blank chart allows for customization and can be customized as a chore chart.
  • BIRTHDAYS: The birthday chart can be the birthday decoration on the wall all the year round. Pin up the students' names or pictures on the chart so kids know who's birthdays are coming up!
  • DIMENSIONS: Each poster measures 17 x 22 inches. Each sheet is printed on 157gsm art paper with no lamination.
  • This set includes 5 fun classroom charts for teachers to decorate the classrooms. Teachers can ask the students to help write in rules, schedules, and birthdays to make them feel more involved. There are 5 different designs: Welcome, Class Schedule, Rules, Birthdays, and blank. The posters are not self-adhesive, and they are not reusable.