13 OZ Flip-Top Silicone Coated Glass Sports Bottle, Gray


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Item Description

13 OZ Flip-Top Silicone Coated Glass Sports Bottle, Gray
  • In the heat of exercise keep yourself hydrated and ready your body to produce the ultimate performance
  • Maximize your potential in any workout and constantly feel refreshed
  • Perfect for any adventurous people who love going camping, hiking and travelling
  • Smart dual lock flip-top design is easy to close and open
  • Unlock and press for quick and easy access
  • Strong and secure lid when locked, ensuring no liquid is ever spilt out
  • Fast free flowing spout opening for an instant supply of water
  • Complete the process with one hand
  • Borosilicate glass build is incredibly lightweight, durable and strong
  • The glass has an increased resistance to thermal shock making it great for hot liquids
  • The quality high resistant glass is especially tolerant of extreme pH substances and corrosion. There will not be any chemical taste as you would get with plastic bottles
  • Our patented silicone coating offers extra benefits compared to your standard glass sports water bottle
  • Enhanced shock-absorbing impact protection from drops and knocks
  • Silicone material acts as an anti-slip grip coating giving the bottle a more comfortable hold
  • Shatter resistance design will stop glass from flying for increased user safety
  • Hot water up to 140°c can be used (*Please keep the lid off for cooling)
  • Microwave, steamer and dishwasher safe (*Bottle only)
  • Disassemble the lid of the bottle to wash it easily for better hygiene
  • Additional silicone carrying strap will prevent loss and improves portability
  • Strong carrying strap can withstand heavy force
  • Wide opening on the bottle adds convenience when adding and removing liquids
  • FDA Pass
  • LFGB Pass
  • BPA free material
  • Capacity: 380ML/13OZ
  • Dimensions: 7.09” x 3.03”
  • Color: Gray
  • Working Temperature: 4°c ~ 140°c
  • Note: Please do NOT place in the freezer with any liquid inside the bottle