Cutting Board with microbeFENCE Technology

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Item Description

Cutting Board with microbeFENCE Technology
  • Keep bad bacteria and harmful germs away from your food with microbeFENCE technology cutting board
  • Made from microbeFENCE technology plastic for ultimate food safety
  • microbeFENCE plastic is a germ-repellent plastic, so there is no use of biocides
  • Standard anti-bacteria technology plastics use biocides which can encourage the development of super-bacteria. However, microbeFENCE uses germ-repellent technology, so you can easily wash bacteria away from the surface with just water. This stops bacteria from staying, growing and developing on our products
  • Using microbeFENCE technology plastic we are able to negate the risk of super bacteria developing
  • microbeFENCE is a patented technology that has won multiple awards including the Gold Medal in International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva
  • Certified by multiple companies and laboratories
  • 100% non-toxic material
  • FDA approved food grade plastic
  • BPA free
  • An absolute kitchen essential for any chef, parent or person who loves to cook!
  • Incredible for cutting all types of ingredients including meats, fish, vegetables, fruits and much more
  • The large surface area makes cutting the largest items more convenient
  • A drip groove around the cutting board catches and prevents liquid from food causing a mess in your kitchen
  • The handle makes carrying the lightweight board around easier
  • Hang the cutting board up on hooks to help it dry and save space
  • Non-slip textured surface will prevent your knife from slipping when cutting
  • Surface is gentle on knives to keep them sharp
  • Super-strong, tough and rigid plastic for extra long-lasting use
  • Simply rinse and clean to maintain the cutting board
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: 37cm/14.57" x 26.5cm/10.43"; 1cm/0.39" Thickness