Innoka 10-Piece Manual Sous-Vide Bag Kit


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Innoka 10-Piece Manual Sous-Vide Bag Kit
  • Innoka Vac-Plug System will allow you to start cooking the Sous-vide way! Enjoy all the benefits of Sous-vide by producing the most consistent and mouthwatering restaurant quality end product
  • This is a much more cost-effective way compared to electronical Sous-vide systems as it’s less expensive and requires no power
  • Reuse this system over and over again! This is the most sustainable way of cooking as the pump and valves can be reused
  • Can be used with any sealable bags. Turn any appropriate bag into a vacuum bag
  • Save money, save the environment and save space!
  • Extend the lifespan of your food by keeping it fresh!
  • Gain up to quadruple the standard storage time of foods whether in the freezer or the fridge
  • Freezer safe design, will protect food from freezer burn and affecting the item
  • Prevent your freezer from smelling and save other foods from contamination
  • Stop food from going to waste
  • Perfect for all types of items ranging from fish, vegetables, meats and dry foods
  • Seal and store opened food away such as cookies, chips or any other snacks to keep them fresh
  • Seal away clothing and other items for storage and protection
  • Comes with 5 bags with different sizes which is great for cooking food of all shapes and sizes (2x Large Bag 10" x 11"; 3x Small Bag 8.7" x 7.9")
  • 100-degree Celsius/ 212 Fahrenheit food safe bags will resist high-temperature water
  • Flatten the packaging and make everything more portable and easier to carry
  • Tight air seal will not let any air or water in to spoil your product
  • Defrost the items in the microwave while in the bag
  • Write down information onto the bags to organize your food allowing you to plan your meals for the week ahead
  • Hygienic and easy to clean! Place the pump in the dishwasher with no problem
  • Completely safe material will not cause any harm. BPA free material with LFGB (European) Food safe certificate, US Patented
  • Compatible with most Sous-vide cooking brands such as ChefSteps, SousVide Supreme, Anova, Joule, Instant Pot, Lipavi, Nomiku and much more!
  • Package includes: 5x Vacuum Bags (2x Large Bag 10" x 11"; 3x Small Bag 8.7" x 7.9"); 3x Valves; 1x Sealing Clip; 1x Pump
  • Note: Please ensure there are no wrinkles in between the two valves when connecting
  • Note: Please read the instructions carefully, or refer to our “How to use” video on this item
  • Note: This item is designed for Sous-vide and vacuum storage only