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Newegg 2014 Eggies Awards

January 21, 2014

Newegg celebrates the Eggies each year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Now in its 10th year, the coveted Eggies awards recognize noteworthy contributions from the company’s valued customers and vendors. The 2014 Eggies awards gala was hosted at the XS Nightclub at the Encore Hotel, where Eggies honorees, customers, partners, employees ... read more

Consumer Electronics Association Announces 2014 Executive Board and Board of Industry Leaders

October 22, 2013

ARLINGTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® today announced the election of its 2014 Executive Board and Board of Industry Leaders. CEA is the nation’s preeminent technology trade association representing more than 2,000 consumer electronics and technology companies. “CEA is proud to represent the entire spectrum of consumer technologies, from automotive to wireless and some that haven’t existed before, like sensory technologies and 3D printing,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CEA. “The industry executives serving on our Board represent the most successful and innovative consumer electronics and technology businesses in the country. Their guidance brings broad experience and strategic direction to the table and represents... read more

Amazon economy: from warehouse to powerhouse

July 10, 2012

Crammed between towering wooden shelves and bulging rolls of plastic, the super-suckers and bendy hoses stacked on a pallet in a Virginia warehouse are the latest products of a plucky American family retailer. GoVacuum is a fast-growing ecommerce business whose annual sales have gone from under $2m seven years ago to $10m today, a fivefold expansion that surpasses the overall growth of US internet shopping. Masterminded by founder Bill Anand, who arrived from New Delhi... read more

Algorithms on Amazon raise fears on pricing

July 10, 2012

High-speed trading tools pioneered in the stock market are increasingly driving price movements on Amazon as sellers use them to undercut and outwit each other. Prices change as often as every 15 minutes as some of the 2m sellers on the site join the online retailer in using computerised tools, often developed by former data miners at banks. The "robo-pricing" has become a source of tension as Amazon competes with its clients ... read more

Now Amazon Has Designs of Its Own for Electronics

September 20, 2009

Jack Sheng, the CEO of eForCity, which sells about $40 million in its own private label electronics accessories on Amazon, eBay and through other online channels, said Amazon's latest move doesn't worry him too much...
..."Amazon's focus remains the same-create value for the buyers. That was the original thought of developing a third party program, to provide more selection to their customers." read more

eBay Bids for Revitalization

November 11, 2008

..."Donahoe has introduced more changes in the last six months than we've seen in the last six years," says Jack Sheng, chief executive of eForCity Corp., an electronics company and top seller on eBay. "Many are long overdue, but the direction is great. Others hate the upheaval. Writes a current eBay software engineer about Donahoe on Glassdoor.com a company-rating site: "Quit! We don't like your changes!""... read more

Tech drives eBay growth

January 2, 2011

..."I have seen more dramatic changes in the last three years at eBay than in the previous 10 years," says Sheng, who launched the electronics seller eForCity out of his garage 10 years ago and now employs nearly 200. Sheng was the first eBay seller to hit 1 million, then 2 million, in user feedback comments... read more

Ebay CEO John Donahoe bets on tech to take on rivals

December 20, 2010

...Big eBay sellers such as Jack Sheng say they have benefited from the recent changes, especially in search and cataloging of products. Sheng is CEO of eForCity, which specializes in electronic accessories."I have seen more dramatic changes in the last three years at eBay than in the previous 10 years," says Sheng, who launched eForCity out of his garage 10 years ago and now employs nearly 200. Sheng was the first eBay seller to hit 1 million, then 2 million, in user feedback comments... read more

ChannelAdvisor Customer eForCity Surpasses Two Million in eBay Feedback

October 11, 2010

..."Reaching two million net positive feedback is a milestone for eForCity--not just because of the volume, but also because of the overwhelming number of positive comments that let us know we're doing our job correctly and keeping customers happy," said Jack Sheng, co-founder of eForCity. "This would not have been possible without a reliable and scalable partner like ChannelAdvisor to help us manage and maximize our eBay presence to sell more."... read more

Long-Time Seller Jack Sheng Nears Another eBay Milestone – 2 Million Feedback Ratings

June 22, 2010

...Back in 2008, eBay recognized Sheng as the first seller in the company's history to reach the milestone of a million feedback ratings, and even named a company conference room after him.In 2006, Inc. magazine named Sheng's eForCity, the 90th fastest-growing company in the U.S. on its Inc. 500 list, and it remains a top online retailer... read more

Sears Near Bankruptcy; Looks for Online Bailout

January 25, 2010

...Jack Sheng is the CEO of eForCity Corp. which sells millions of electronics accessories through its own Web site as well as eBay and Amazon's marketplaces. As these online forums expand, he worries about oversaturation, and how Sears and others might emphasize competitors' offerings over his. "If we simply throw all the products at all marketplaces, will it dilute our own direct channels or will it bring in incremental sales, which we love?"... read more

Sneak Peak at Woot's New Daily Deals Site, Open to All Sellers

October 23, 2009

Deals.Woot.com website is an aggregator of daily deals - and it is inviting eBay PowerSellers and other online merchants to submit their deals to the site....Interestingly, one of eBay's top.
PowerSellers, eForCity, is a sponsor in today's deals - a Universal Phone Holder for $2.99. Clicking on the "I want one" button on Deals.woot.com brings visitors to eForCity's website where they enter a coupon to get the special Woot price...read more

Jack Sheng talks with eBay Ink at Shop.org 2009

September 30, 2009

It has been almost a year since Jack Sheng (eForCity) was the first to be awarded the silver "Shooting Star" for a million feedback. It had also been a year since I was able to sit down and chat with him but I was fortunate enough to spend some time with him at last week's Shop.org 2009 conference. We managed to grab lunch with another colleague of mine, Young Mi, and afterward he spent some time with us chatting about his past year on eBay...read more

Mobile gets ringing endorsement at Shop.org summit + Photos

September 24, 2009

...eBay's John Donohoe - "the pain from Bain," an allusion to his previous employer - spent almost half his keynote waving his iPhone and boasting that his company would generate $400 million in gross merchandise sales this year from the eBay iPhone application.
...big seller! eForCity CEO Jack Sheng, eBay's largest seller, at the eBay/Mobile Marketer table during eBay CEO John Donohoe's keynote presentation Sept. 23 at Shop.org's annual summit...read more

Amazon Strategies at Internet Retailer (IRCE) this week

June 15, 2009

...there's a talk with Jack Sheng of eForCity and I'm sure Amazon will be a topic of conversation at that as eForCity is one of Amazon's largest third party sellers...
This lesson will reveal some of the lesser know but powerful tools that retailers can harness to take their operations to the next level without going to a new system and throwing out the expertise they've acquired along the way...read more

Inspiring Video: eBay US Top Seller eForCity

May 29, 2009

Jack Sheng has been able to achieve 4 accounts with 1 million feedbacks each. For all those new to eBay, this mean that one of Jack Sheng business' Eforce for example has 1 million unique buyers!!!!!
It takes about 7 perfect years to achieve this status.
Well done guys!!!!...read more

Auctions fade as eBay offers wholesale items at fixed prices

May 26, 2009

Mr. Sheng describes his company, eForCity Corp., as a "mini Wal-Mart." It buys electronics accessories from China and sells 4.3 million of them each year to people looking for deals online. After eBay made it cheaper and easier to list products in large quantities for sale last year, his eBay sales in April were up 46% from a year before. The site's changes have "helped good sellers come...read more

UPDATED: Q&A with Dinesh Lathi, eBay VP of Seller Experience

November 24, 2008

Jack Sheng recently visited eBay HQ to celebrate reaching 1 MM feedback as a seller - something he accomplished in a relatively small amount of time but he started out before 2008... but is it really still possible to start today and enjoy the kind of success Jack has had...
...Jack built his business in an extremely competitive category and through experimentation, smarts and determination built something hugely successful. read more

All power to Jack is feedback

November 18, 2008

...So big that one so-called "power seller" has now reached an impressive total of one million positive buyer feedbacks several times. As with any retail business, the secret to Jack Sheng's remarkable world record is making sure you give the customer great service.
Jack, 33, runs eForCity Corporation in Los Angeles which has sold electronic accessories on eBay since he started the business in 2000 with two childhood friends...read more

Nearing 1 million Feedback with three accounts

November 15, 2008

High-tech retailer and eBay giant Jack Sheng is closing in on another milestone--eForCity is about to become his third eBay account with a Feedback score of over 1 million. His other accounts with more than a million are everydaysource and accstation.Sheng feels his 98.8% Feedback rating is one factor in his growth and success. "Although buyers may not know me, they understand from my Feedback rating that I am dependable.read more

eBay seller gets one million feedback score

November 14, 2008

...Jack Sheng, Founder and CEO of eForCity, Inc., recently had all four of his eBay ID's (everydaysource, itrimming , accstation and eForCity) surpass the one million Feedback milestone...To celebrate Sheng's groundbreaking achievement, eBay is adding a new Feedback star to the site. Sheng will be the first seller to have the newly unveiled silver shooting star, denoting a Feedback score of 1,000,000 or more...read more

EBay vendor passes gigantic feedback milestone

November 13, 2008

...Multiply that by a million, and you can imagine how Jack Sheng feels......In the past two months, four separate eBay user IDs belonging to Sheng and his company each surpassed more than 1 million feedback points. No one else on eBay has come close......EBay planned to honor Sheng in a ceremony at its San Jose, Calif., headquarters Thursday afternoon, with Chief Executive John Donahoe in attendance...read more

Congratulations to Jack Sheng!

November 13, 2008

...In 2006, Inc. magazine named eForCity Corp. the 90th fastest-growing company in the United States on the famous "Inc. 500" list. Today, eForCity is one of the largest eBay retailers for high tech gadgets, grossing more than $40 million in annual revenue. The company has almost 200 employees working around the clock and around the world, shipping 25,000 - 30,000 orders per day...read more

eBay Seller Becomes First to Achieve One Million Feedback Score

November 13, 2008

"In just eight short years we have been able to grow our business from a mere idea into a reality that far exceeds our original expectations of success. We have achieved the American dream," said Sheng ..."Central to this success has been customer feedback. It has helped us evolve our business to meet our customers' needs and stay one step ahead of the competition.... It can mean the difference between a $4 million business and a $40 million business." ...read more

eForCity Reaches One Million Feedback on eBay

November 13, 2008

eBay issued a press release to announce that Jack Sheng, founder and CEO of eForCity, Inc., recently had all four of his eBay IDs (everydaysource, itrimming , accstation and eForCity) surpass the one million Feedback milestone...eBay President and CEO John Donahoe stated in the release, "Jack represents everything we believe about delivering amazing value to eBay buyers, and we couldn't be more thrilled to celebrate this accomplishment with him ...read more

eBay Seller Reaches Feedback Milestone

November 13, 2008

...In 2006, Inc. magazine name eForCity the 90th fastest-growing company in the United States on the Inc. 500 list. Today, eForCity, based in EL Monte,CA, is one of the largest eBay retailers for high tech gadgets.
...eForCity grosses annual revenue of more than $40 million, has nearly 170 employees, ships almost 30,000 orders per day, and has operations in Hong Kong and China...read more

The new eBay 'eForCity' stars

November 12, 2008

eBay has released a couple of new stars which I think really highlight the success of one specific seller on eBay - eForCity...
in reality this company effectively has well over 5m total feedback...
...Lots of sellers ask me about Jack's eBay success and I'll try and wrangle him into an interview here maybe after his holiday sales calm down.."...read more

eBay goes to Washington

September 30, 2008

...eBay invited three sellers to join CEO John Donahoe at the award ceremony. Stacie Sefton, Jennifer Canty, John Donahoe, and Jack Sheng
...At the ceremony, Donahoe was accompanied by three eBay sellers who have grown their businesses largely through eBay...
...Attending the White House ceremony was an honor for both of us...read more

EBay seller from SoCal gets feedback from 1 million

September 3, 2008

Now, Jack Sheng, a El Monte business owner, has garnered 1 million feedback ratings with two different accounts on EBay: everydaysource and accstation. They both sell consumer electronics. Sheng started the company, eForCity, eight years ago out of his garage, selling things mostly on EBay. EBay says eForCity makes $30 million a year, and Sheng says he has 180 employees with offices in El Monte, China and Hong Kong.read more

Multi-Channel Sellers Debate eBay versus Amazon

May 23, 2007

...Jack Sheng founded eForCity, which is eBay's number 1 volume seller. He says he uses both eBay and Amazon to process up to one thousand orders each day for electronic devices and accessories as well as movies....Sheng: "eBay tends to be more global for buyers and sellers. You might be competing with merchants in other countries who have far lower costs than you do. Merchants should structure...read more

Catch the China Wave 2007: Get the Inside Story on doing business with China

February 22, 2007

...eForCity is ranked number 90 on the Inc 500 list as one of the fastest growing private companies in the US. eForCity is also ranked number 9 on the LA Business Journal as one of the fastest growing companies in Los Angeles. Annual revenues of eForCity have increased five-fold from $5 million to $25 million since Sheng made his first business trip to China 4 years ago. In 2006, eForCity opened distribution facilities in Hong Kong and China...read more

eBay Powerseller eForCity on Inc 500

October 4, 2006

Online seller and eBay PowerSeller eForCity made it onto the Inc 500 list of the fastest growing privately held businesses.
According to this chart, the company has annual revenues of $19.2 million (that's across eBay, Amazon, Overstock and its own website, I presume). But what blows my mind is that they have 78 employees. That's a lot! ...read more

HostedSupport.com Announces ezSupport for eBay v2.0 Sellers Can Manage More Listings by Having ezSupport for eBay Answer Time-Consuming Email Questions

June 20, 2006

As the volume of email grows, the time devoted to responding to these repetitive questions hinders the sellers' ability to focus on the needs of the business. ezSupport for eBay v2.0 is proven to respond to a very high percentage of these repetitive emails faster than would be possible manually by the seller... eForCity, eBay's largest seller in the world, was able to automatically answer the vast majority of buyer email by using our product...read more

Catch the China Wave 2006: Now get the Inside Story on Doing Business with CHINA

February 2, 2006

...eForCity Corporation, a rapidly growing, vertically integrated, Los Angeles based e-tailer with customers in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.
...eForCity is a customer-focused, e-commerce company that provides quality, innovative personal electronics accessories and products to its global customers quickly and at very competitive prices. ...read more

Finding Product Sources for Your Business

October 1, 2004

...Jack Sheng got his start as an eBay entrepreneur because of his obsession with electronics, particularly cell phones and cell phone accessories...
Today, with $12 million in annual sales, Sheng's eForCity (eBay User ID: eForCity) in Temple City, California, is one of the largest eBay sellers (ranked by unique customer feedback and by the number of transactions)...read more

eBay Inc. Awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation for Advancing Global Entrepreneurship

..."I'm a global entrepreneur thanks to eBay and PayPal," said Jack Sheng, an El Monte, Calif.-based business owner who started selling cell phone chargers on eBay in 2000. "My friends and I just started selling stuff on eBay to make some extra money," he adds. "Today, we employ 180 people and our business is approaching $40 million. That's what's great about eBay - there's virtually no barrier to fulfilling your dream, so anyone can become an entrepreneur."...read more

Can you get rich selling stuff online?

One of eBay's most successful sellers is Jack Sheng, who made headlines in 2008 when he became the first seller to earn 1 million positive ratings from buyers. According to eBay's official blog, Sheng's electronics sales company, eForCity, brings in $40 million in revenue per year through sales on eBay, Amazon.com and its own online storefront . But it's important to keep in mind that it took Sheng eight years to build his business from a three-man operation in a garage to a national company with 200 employees. It didn't happen overnight.read more

eForCity.com increased ROI 10% with Google Checkout and improved fraud protection.

eForCity garnered more positive results from Google Checkout than anticipated. Site traffic between the last quarter of 2006 and the first quarter of 2007 improved significantly. The pricing structure has saved the company money because they don't pay transaction fees. AdWords return on investment is up 10 percent thanks to integration with Google Checkout. eForCity has seen a large influx of Google Checkout orders since it launched the service.read more

Jack Sheng, founder, eForCity.com, a top 5 eBay Seller

"Our customers value knowing our site is safe and secure, and we have seen an increase in conversions with WebSafe Shield. I highly recommend WebSafe Shield to anyone who is serious about growing their online presence."
-- Jack Sheng, founder, eForCity.com, a top 5 eBay Seller...read more

比流星更快:eBay卖家达到1 00万信用评价

...2006年,<公司>杂志( ;Inc.magazine)将eForCity公司列为著名&# x7684;“500强公司”中美国成ॗ F;最快公司的第90名。今天&#x FF0C;eForCity是eBay最大的高科技产Ռ 1;零售商之一,每年总收Q 65;超过4000万美元。公司拥有 200名员工,在全球日以继 91C;地工作,每天发送25,000-30,00 0笔订单. …“只花了短短8年时间࿰ C;我们最终能够将我们的N 1A;务从仅仅一个想法发展 210;为远超过我们原来成功&#x 9884;期的现实。”Jack说到...read more

南加玉山科技年會 三企業家獲褒

eForCity電子網路行銷企業ԧ 5;辦者盛建欣,是三位獲s 4e;人中最年輕的一位。他 868;示,十年前他們從e- garage開始,通過網路行銷很& #x591a;電子產品,現在已是一 個擁有300多位員工的企業 002;盛建欣:「(南加州玉&#x 5c71;科技協會)提供了一個&# x5f88;好的平臺給我們,年輕& #x4eba;可以有一個交流,不僅 交流我們科技上的知識, ;還有把我們背後的文化ߕ 0;合在一起。」read more

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