Green eForCity®

By visiting our site from the comfort of your home, you've already saved gas and limited carbon dioxide emission. At eForCity®, we are always looking for ways to make the your shopping experience easier, faster, and greener.

Meet Our Reduced Packaging

When you receive your order, ever wonder what that white papery material our packaging is made of?

Our packages are 100% recyclable. These PAKS are a mere 2mm thick, super lightweight and stackable - perfect for minimizing storage space and reducing fuel for transportation.

Unlike many traditional retailers who wrap your purchases in layers of plastic and Styrofoam, we believe that it shouldn't take more than one snip of a scissor to get to your goodies. Most importantly, streamlining our packaging process allows us to pass the savings back to YOU instead of, well, those evil Styrofoam peanuts.

There are ways to keep up your gadget-rich lifestyle while keeping your carbon footprint to the minimum.

Recharge Your Batteries

As you may have already noticed, we are huge fans of battery chargers. Each year, over 2 billion used-batteries are disposed into waste facilities in the US. These batteries are toxic to the environment and harmful to our health. So why buy disposable batteries when you can save the planet and your wallet by using rechargeable batteries?

Choose Environmentally Friendly Devices

Urbanites like us can't afford a tree hugging lifestyle, but you can definitely make greener choices when you shop for your next electronic must-haves. Check out GreenPeace's Green Electronics ranking to find out how major electronic brands score in e-waste disposal and CNET's Green Electronic guide to choose the most energy efficient gadgets for your home.

Recycling Your Gadgets

The passing of our beloved gadgets is always a traumatizing experience but you can earn good karma for their "next life" by recycling them. There are many organizations that help you conveniently turn in old or damaged electronics. Take advantage of these programs, and earn yourself some good karma too.

Here, we did the homework for you. Check out the resources below to find out how to start recycling your gadgets today!

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