Case Studies: Everything you Need to Know About Cell Phone Cases

Of all the cell phone accessories we offer at eForCity®,cell phone cases are the ones that give your phone personality and keep it safe at the same time. With all the different types of cell phone cases available on the market, finding the ideal case for your special gadget can be a difficult task. What may have first started as a pouch to keep your cell phone protected has evolved into various types of cell phone cases specifically designed to keep your phone scratch-free and looking good. Our extensive cell phone accessories collection includes various cell phone cases such as iPhone cases, Blackberry cases, HTC cases, LG cases, Motorola cases, Nokia cases, Samsung cases, Palm cases and much more.

TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethanes) Rubber Skin Cases

TPU cases, short for Thermoplastic Polyurethane, make some of the best fitting and feeling cell phone cases. TPU is a form of plastic with many great features. eForCity's TPU cell phone cases mold to the shape of your cell phone. These TPU cases offer great protection against day-to-day wear and tear and are one of the toughest cases available on the market with its high rubber-like elasticity. They offer great tear strength, high transparency, and most importantly, excellent resistance to oil, grease, and abrasions.

Snap-on Cases

Snap-on cases are simple, yet sturdy enough to keep your gadget safely protected. Most snap-on cases are made with impact-resistant flexible plastic which covers both the back of the cell phone completely and the majority of the front.

Slim-fit Snap-on Cases

For those who want to protect their cell phones without the extra bulk, the Slim-fit Snap-on Cases are sleek yet functional. Slim-fit snap-on cell phone cases offer a slim-profile while still keeping the back and corners of your phone nicely covered.

Silicone Case

Silicone skin cases offer a much softer touch while keeping your phone free from scratches. Even with the soft surface, they are made from smooth, treated silicone designed to resist dirt and stains.

Rubber Coated Cases

Can't choose between the snap-on hard cell phone cases or silicone skin cell phone cases? Rubber Coated cases are designed to give you the best of both worlds. These cases are made with hard plastic with a layer of rubber coating on top to provide both the strong protection and soft touch when using your device.

Leather Case

Leather cases offer a thicker and often 360 degrees full coverage. Some include belt loops or clips that allow you to attach them to your belt. Others are designed with flap openings or built-in holsters to hold the phone securely.


Keep your cell phone close to you without physically holding or keeping it in your pocket. Cell Phone Holsters are pager-style holsters that clip securely to your belt. They are made with durable hard plastic (PVC) and can be adjusted to whatever angle that is most convenient and comfortable for you.

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